What to expect

Our arborists will listen to you and respect your priorities and concerns. How we treat trees matters. As climbers we are in close daily contact with trees, getting into the trees rhythm of life, seasons, and the myriad of characteristics from one species to another. Whether pruning a tree for preservation or removing it for peace of mind, how the work is done and from where makes a world of difference. We will not only get the job done, but will advise customers on other issues we find.

Certified Arborists
We are professional tree climbers and Certified Arborists serving clients throughout the greater Boston, Metro West and South Shore areas.
Fully insured
For the sake of our employees and your property Specialized carries comprehensive insurance.
Se habla Espanol
Si prefiere hablar en español, podemos acomodarte.

Our Services

We are professional tree climbers and devoted arborists. The authenticity of our work is rooted in our climbing and rigging abilities which produce safe and proper tree care. The homeowner looking to hire the most knowledgeable and best craftsmen will find we are that company. Second to none.


We don't rely on heavy machinery to accomplish removal of trees. For our customers this means a lower impact on landscaping and our ability to access any tree, anywhere. We remove all logs, brush and chips created by removal. We pride ourselves on leaving customers yards as clean as we found them.


There are various methods and approaches to pruning a tree or shrub. Our experience includes:

  • Fine pruning for ornamental or signature trees and shrubs
  • Raising crown for height clearance
  • Cut back branches from a building
  • Reducing overall weight and size of tree
  • Restoring improperly pruned or damaged trees and shrubs
  • Thinning to reduce wind resistance and increase light
  • Structural pruning removes hazardous and weak limbs
  • Vista pruning restores a view from deck or window


It isn't always necessary to eliminate a healthy limb. By installing a steel cable in the correct area, a weak crotch or long limb can be given the added support needed. Pruning may also help reduce weight and make cabling a safe and desirable option.


By consulting an arborist before planting a tree or shrub you can be assured of an appropriate species for the location and soil type. We can help choose a heathly sapling and amend soils to give it the best chance to thrive.

why you will choose our service

It comes down to who can you trust with your trees, property, and hard earned money to do the right thing. When you ask if a tree should be removed, we don't just start cutting. As professional arborists we'll give you our best advice on how to safely keep any trees on your property. We enjoy helping customers develop a truer understanding of their trees and sharing our expertise.

  • We are seasoned and skilled professionals at the top of our profession.
  • We pour all of our talent into our work.
  • We take pride in the fact that our customers are our best advocates.

clients speak for us

Specialized removed 4 huge trees close to my home just in time for winter and all the heavy snow. Now its spring and I love the increased sunshine in the yard. These guys are pros!

Customer Testimonails
Jay L Norwell

If a customer calls back a provider for several times (4X) this means to say that the provider did great job. I am a meticulous person when it comes to service. Jay and his crew are great.

Customer Testimonails
Mila G Norwood

Pruned 2 of our birch trees. Service was quick, they cleaned up, and they gave us some advice regarding other trees on our property.

Customer Testimonails
Tony M Jamaica Plain